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The New Foundations in Herbal Medicine

The New Foundations in Herbal Medicine is an "on-line", distance-learning program for herbal and natural medicine founded and taught by Tieraona Low Dog, MD. Originally derived from a nine-month residential program in herbal medicine, the new Foundations course has been completely revised, improved and expanded to become a highly comprehensive multi-media course in Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Low Dog is an Internationally Recognized Herbal Expert and Teacher

Dr. Low Dog has a rare ability to make difficult concepts easy-to-understand. Her dynamic delivery and detailed knowledge enable her to impart up-to-date botanical medical research and complex medical concepts in a user-friendly fashion. Dr. Low Dog uses her clinical experience and continual review of the medical research to sift through the mass of hearsay and hyperbole. The result is a credible combination of traditional and evidence based herbal knowledge presented in an inspiring format.

500 hours of Multimedia Resources

The New Foundations course is approximately 500 hours of learning, both video recordings of Dr. Low Dog’s classroom lectures, as well as written course material and a private Class Group page on Facebook combine to create a substantial and comprehensive program. In addition, an optional 3 day Herbal Intensive classes are offered each Summer at Dr. Low Dog’s ranch in northern New Mexico will provide hands-on training to complement the curriculum. The New Foundations in Herbal Medicine is designed to serve as a platform for individuals who wish to explore the role of natural medicine within the broader context of health.

Designed for Healthcare Clinicians and Herbal Enthusiasts

"Foundations" contains core material for any enthusiastic learner, whether you are a community or family herbalist or a medical professional wishing to expand your understanding of the appropriate use of natural medicines. While the course focuses on herbal medicine, relevant nutritional interventions, and dietary supplements are also discussed where appropriate. In other words, we teach herbal medicine within an integrated and holistic framework. We are confident that the information that you receive through this course is among the best and most accurate available.

Curriculum Overview

Herbal Pharmacy| Herbal Actions | Herbal Formulations | Herbal Preparations
Gastro-Intestinal System | Dietary Supplements | Nutrition | The Skin
Nervous & Immune Systems | Respiratory System | Cardiovascular System
Women's Health - Part One & Two | Urinary System | Musculo-Skeletal System

Modules begin with a discussion of key herbal actions, followed by a highly interactive physiology discussion that places the herbs in context with regards to health conditions, pathophysiology of common disorders, and case studies where Dr. Low Dog walks through how a clinician would approach the patient/client. Included are causation, predisposing risk factors, symptom pictures, herbal treatments and nutritional information. Although information on relevant herbs is integrated throughout the lectures, plant monographs—detailed profiles of herbs especially applicable to the featured bodily system— follow most modules. These monographs cover the latest research in plant pharmacology, traditional and modern applications, toxicology and plant constituents as well as anecdotes and observations from Dr. Low Dog’s clinical experience.


New: Start the Course at any time!

Course Fee : $3,000

Three payment options are be available for the Balance:
1. Full Payment - $3,000 (start when you want)
2. Quarterly Payments - 4 "Quarterly" payments of $787.50 (start when you want)
3. Monthly Payment Plan - 12 monthly payments of $270.00 (start when you want)

(Optional) Herbal Intensive Class: $500 (3 day hands-on class with Dr. Low Dog each Summer - check the "Herbal Classes" page)

Description: The new Foundations in Herbal Medicine is an "On-line" classroom, and is a totally "self paced" course designed to be completed in 18 months with participation in one Herbal Intensive class encouraged during that period. This will allow you to access the course materials with any device that connects to the internet. Also, all Course materials will be mailed to you on a portable computer hard drive, so you can still study without being connected to the Internet.

We've created a private Facebook group page just for our Foundation's students as a way for everyone to participate in our community. This will be the ongoing place for Q&As with Dr. Low Dog and all other classmates. We're always adding resources to help everyone get the most out of the course. If you don't have a Facebook account, we can help you get set up in a very private way.

Each section of the course is made up of Video lectures by Dr. Low Dog, written materials, and unit quizzes to solidify your learning. Case Studies are part of each of the "System's Units" that are personally reviewed with feedback by Dr. Low Dog.


1. Applications are required and will be reviewed with notice of your acceptance into the class sent to you within 2 days of receipt. Dr. Low Dog wants to ensure that all participants will have a successful and satisfactory experience.

2. There is no time-limit to complete the course. Dr. Low Dog recommends completion within 12-18 months, but you will have access to the "on-line" materials for as long as you need them.

3. A framed "Certificate of Completion" will be given to all students upon course completion.

4. No Continuing Education credits are available for this course because Dr. Low Dog wanted to be able to discuss specific herbal products, traditional & cultural herbal remedies, and keep the tuition costs as low as possible.

Course Requirements: Internet access for "On-line" materials, Foundation's private Facebook page, and Email for communication (all communication with participants will be by email, Facebook, or phone).

No refunds will be allowed after initial materials are delivered. Hardship cases will be reviewed, but final decisions are at the sole discretion of Integrative Medicine Concepts, LLC (Dr. Low Dog's corporation and owner of Foundations in Herbal Medicine).

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this program please email us to set up a phone consultation.

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