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Master Herbal Medicine

Are you a healthcare professional with a passion for plants? You'll love the new Foundations in Herbal Medicine. Originally derived from a nine-month residential program, Foundations is an online, distance-learning program for herbal and natural medicine founded and taught by Tieraona Low Dog, MD. This highly comprehensive multimedia course allows you to learn about herbs from the roots up—from pharmacology and preparation to their impact on all the body’s systems. Combining the rich history of herbal medicine with the best of research, Foundations will help you understand how herbal products fit into our modern health care system.

Dr. Low Dog: Internationally Recognized Herbal Expert and Teacher

In addition to her deep knowledge of the plant world, Dr. Low Dog has an uncanny ability to distill difficult material, enabling her to teach the latest botanical research and complex medical concepts in a warm and user-friendly fashion. With her clinical experience and constant review of scientific studies, she’s able to sift through hearsay and hyperbole, presenting a credible combination of traditional and evidence-based herbal knowledge in an inspiring format.

500 hours of Multimedia Resources

The new Foundations uses videos of Dr. Low Dog’s classroom lectures, written course material, and a private group page on Facebook to create a substantial and comprehensive 500 hour learning program. You may also take advantage of an optional three-day Herbal Intensive class at Dr. Low Dog’s ranch in northern New Mexico to gain hands-on training that complements the curriculum.

Designed for Health Care Professionals and Herbal Enthusiasts

Foundations is designed to serve as a platform for individuals who wish to explore the role of natural medicine within the broader context of health and contains core material oriented toward clinicians. The course presents herbal medicine within an integrated and holistic framework, discussing relevant nutritional interventions and dietary supplements where appropriate. Whether for chronic diseases or minor conditions that don’t require the powerful hand of Western medicine, herbs have a significant role. If you’re ready to go deeper with some of the best (and most accurate) information available, join us today. Find out more.